About us

A swimwear company with one simple aim: To create swim shorts with a built in waterproof pocket, which keeps your valuables safe and dry. We want our stylish, comfortable swim shorts to be recognised, so that's why we have the trademark flamingo pink pocket flap on every pair. 

Why Mavoose?

Whilst waiting for a sample to arrive, the Top Gun movie was on in the background and that was when the lightbulb moment happened! Mavoose is a mash up of Maverick and Goose. From one great partnership to another.....swim shorts and waterproof pockets! Permission for a swim by...

How did Mavoose start?

In the summer of 2016, after ten years in the same company, our founder tried to relive his youth by taking a sabbatical for six months. Pulling out the dusty backpack and travelling Asia, Europe and North America, he constantly found himself surrounded by water. Whilst having the time of his life on boat trips, snorkelling, beaches, relaxing in hotel pools, and (successfully mastering) many water sports...He kept running into the same problem.....How can I keep my phone and money safe and dry

With no option but to leave them on the sun lounger, on the boat, or in a bag on the beach, he found himself constantly worrying about his valuables. Always looking back to see if they were still there. He just wanted to swim with them in his pocket, but there wasn't a single practical product out there. Dry bags were too big and impractical, phone pouches were cheap and leaked! 

Two weeks after returning, he was made redundant in December 2016. The simple option would have been to get another job, but instead he spent the next year trying to create swim shorts with a built in waterproof pocket. They needed to be stylish, comfortable and the pocket 100% waterproof!

It has been a roller-coaster few years, spent working with different manufacturers to finally come up with the perfect partnership and solution. (You can read more about the patented magnetic pocket technology here.) But the Mavoose swim shorts are finally here, and you can now enjoy the comfort and protection that our swim shorts bring. Just have fun in the water without worrying your valuables might be stolen.