Men's Swim shorts with Waterproof pocket

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Designed to solve a problem we have all encountered. How do I keep my valuables safe and dry when I want to go in the water? 

Waterproof pocket swim shorts means - No more hiding your valuables under your towel, sun lounger, in clothing, in your trainers, or in a bag.

Just open the pocket, place your phone, cash, credit cards, passport, or keys inside to keep them dry.

These are the best men's swimming shorts on the market, featuring a waterproof pocket. Certified IPX8, Mavoose shorts are there to protect your phone, cash, credit cards, passport and keys whilst you have fun in the water (Down to 30m/100ft).

If you are diabetic and in need of swim shorts for your insulin pump or blood sugar counters, look no further. Instead of a waterproof insulin pump case, keep your insulin pump with you whilst you're out in the water, neatly secured and 100% dry in our waterproof pocket swimwear.

Mavoose swimming trunks are instantly recognisable with the trademark flamingo pink trim over the pocket, meaning everyone will know your valuables are with you and not hidden under the sun lounger.

Swimming, Pool parties, Beach, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Paddle Boarding, Solo Travelling. No matter the activity, keep your valuables safe and dry with the Mavoose swim trunks

  • Patented magnetic waterproof pocket
  • Certified IPX8 to 30m/100ft
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 90% Polyester/10% Spandex
  • Internal adjustable drawcord for a secure fit 
  • Quick drying
  • Outside leg measurement: S - 40cm, M - 41cm, L - 42cm
  • Model is 5'11" with a 33" waist and is wearing a Medium 

    The Pocket 

    We start with neodymium magnets - the strongest kind of permanent magnet made today - and embed them in super-strong, durable, flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) strips. Because the magnets are fully encapsulated, they will not rust. There are two distinct magnet strips within the pocket, providing Mavoose swim shorts double the protection and security, when in the water.

    The pockets are made of biodegradable black “non-stick” TPU (90% recycled fabrics). The Mavoose waterproof pocket has been tested and certified as IPX8, down to 30M/100ft. This means it is 100% waterproof down to these depths. 

    Most common phones have an IP rating of IP67 (maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes). They are tested in laboratory conditions in fresh water, not swimming pools (chlorine) or the ocean (salt). And all of the manufacturers state that "Liquid damage is not covered under warranty". 

    In 2018 this patented Technology was chosen for a NASA Space Technology Development Program, where they required the highest performance from a resealable waterproof pocket.

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